Gambling Act 2005


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39(1)The promoting society of a small society lottery must send to the local authority with which the society is registered under Part 5 of this Schedule a statement of the matters specified in sub-paragraph (2).E+W+S

(2)Those matters are—

(a)the arrangements for the lottery (including the dates on which tickets were available for sale or supply, the dates of any draw and the arrangements for prizes (including any rollover),

(b)the proceeds of the lottery,

(c)the amounts deducted by the promoters of the lottery in respect of the provision of prizes (including the provision of prizes in accordance with any rollover),

(d)the amounts deducted by the promoters of the lottery in respect of other costs incurred in organising the lottery,

(e)any amount applied to a purpose for which the promoting society is conducted, and

(f)whether any expenses in connection with the lottery were defrayed otherwise than by deduction from proceeds, and, if they were—

(i)the amount of the expenses, and

(ii)the sources from which they were defrayed.

(3)The statement must be sent to the local authority during the period of three months beginning with the day on which the draw (or the last draw) in the lottery takes place.

(4)The statement must be—

(a)signed by two members of the society who are appointed for the purpose in writing by the society or, if it has one, its governing body, and

(b)accompanied by a copy of the appointment under paragraph (a).

(5)A member signing a statement in accordance with sub-paragraph (4) must be an adult.