Gambling Act 2005 Explanatory Notes

Sections 75 to 78: Licence Conditions

235.There are three types of licence condition that may be attached to operating licences under the Act: general conditions and individual conditions, both of which are attached by the Commission; and conditions imposed by the Secretary of State.

236.Sections 75 and 76 concern general conditions, which are conditions the Commission may specify for an operating licence or a class of operating licence, and which have general application. So, for example, the Commission could specify a general condition that applied to all general betting operating licences, that the rules of the bet must be on display to customers (whether on premises, or over the internet). This condition would apply to everyone holding a general betting operating licence.

237.Section 76 sets out the procedures which the Commission must follow in specifying general conditions. These include holding general consultations (with some mandatory consultees) on the terms of the condition, and publishing conditions. In addition, the Commission must notify licensees in advance of a proposed imposition, modification or revocation of a general condition, giving three months notice, unless the matter is urgent. This ensures that licensees have adequate notice of general conditions and changes that may be made to them over time.

238.Additionally, the Commission has power, under section 77 to impose specific conditions on individual operating licences. These conditions are not subject to any publication or general consultation requirements, in contrast with general conditions. Rather, these conditions will address particular matters concerning an individual operator and its activities, where the Commission considers it appropriate. So, for example, the Commission could attach an individual condition on a particular casino operating licence that not more than five casino premises can be operated under it, due to the financial strength of the operator. Every operating licence issued must specify any individual conditions attached to it under this section.

239.Alongside the powers of the Commission to attach conditions to operating licences, the Secretary of State may make regulations which provide for a specific condition to be attached to a class of operating licence, under section 78.

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