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Bank Charter Act 18441844 c. 32UK Public General Acts
Counties (Detached Parts) Act 18441844 c. 61UK Public General Acts
Duchy of Cornwall (No. 2) Act 18441844 c. 105UK Public General Acts
Duchy of Cornwall Act 18441844 c. 65UK Public General Acts
Execution Act 1844 (repealed)1844 c. 96UK Public General Acts
Judicial Committee Act 18441844 c. 69UK Public General Acts
Lecturers and Parish Clerks Act 18441844 c. 59UK Public General Acts
New Parishes (Scotland) Act 18441844 c. 44UK Public General Acts
Night Poaching Act 18441844 c. 29UK Public General Acts
Post Office (Duties) Act 18441844 c. 49UK Public General Acts
School Sites Act 18441844 c. 37UK Public General Acts

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