Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 Explanatory Notes

Section 179: Short title and extent

463.Subsection (1)sets out the short title of the Act. Subsections (2) to (10) set out extent of the Act. The SOCA provisions (Part 1 of the Act) and provisions on financial reporting orders (Chapter 3 of Part 2), witness protection (Chapter 4 of Part 2), international obligations (Chapter 5 of Part 2) and Proceeds of Crime (Chapter 6 of Part 2) will apply throughout the UK. Chapter 1 of Part 2 (investigatory powers of the DPP) will extend to England, Wales and Scotland. The Queen’s Evidence provisions in Chapter 2 of Part 2 will extend to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The provisions of the Act amending existing legislation will, with some exceptions, have the same extent as the relevant legislation (subsection (7)).

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