Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 Explanatory Notes

Section 149: Extension of sections 145 to 147

382.Section 149 gives the Secretary of State the power, by means of an order subject to the affirmative resolution procedure, to extend the scope of the new offences created in sections 145 and 146 so that the offences apply in relation to criminal acts and tortious acts causing loss or damage done in relation to other descriptions of persons or organisations.

383.Subsection (2) imposes a restriction on the order making power in subsection (1). It has the effect that the Secretary of State may only make an order if satisfied that a series of events has taken place that were directed at the description of persons or organisations, or people connected with them, which would have been offences under sections 145 and 146 had they been directed at animal research organisations or people connected with them.

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