Railways Act 2005


Information to be provided to Competition Commission in connection with referenceE+W+S

7(1)In paragraph 9 (reference to Competition Commission), after sub-paragraph (6) insert—E+W+S

(6A)A reference to the Competition Commission under this paragraph must be accompanied by—

(a)any information which in the case in question was provided to the Office of Rail Regulation by the Secretary of State or the Scottish Ministers under paragraph 1D;

(b)any information to which he or they referred in discharging the obligation imposed by that paragraph;

(c)any suggestion which in that case was made under paragraph 1E; and

(d)any revision of anything falling within paragraph (a) to (c) which has been notified to that Office under paragraph 1F or 1G.

(2)In sub-paragraph (7) of that paragraph, after the words “Competition Commission”, in the second place where they occur, insert “ (in addition to the information and revisions mentioned in sub-paragraph (6A)) ”.

(3)In sub-paragraph (8) of that paragraph, for “sub-paragraph” substitute “ sub-paragraphs (6A) and ”.

(4)In sub-paragraph (9) of that paragraph (matters to be taken into account in assessing public interest), at the end insert “ and to the information, suggestions and revisions mentioned in sub-paragraph (6A) ”.