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SCHEDULE 12E+W+SOther minor and consequential amendments

Enterprise Act 2002 (c. 40)E+W+S

18(1)The Enterprise Act 2002 is amended as follows.E+W+S

(2)In subsection (4) of section 168 (duty of Competition Commission and the Secretary of State in relation to regulated markets)—

(a)in paragraph (h), omit “where none of the conditions of the licence relate to consumer protection”;

(b)paragraph (i) shall cease to have effect; and

(c)in paragraph (k), for the words from “Strategic” to the end substitute “ Secretary of State, the Scottish Ministers and the National Assembly for Wales under section 4 of the Act of 1993 ”.

(3)In subsection (5) of that section, for paragraph (j) substitute—

(j)the Secretary of State;

(k)the Scottish Ministers; or

(l)the National Assembly for Wales.

(4)In Schedule 15 (enactments for the purposes of which disclosures of information are allowed), at the end insert— “ Railways Act 2005 (c. 14) ”.