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SCHEDULE 10E+W+STaxation provisions relating to transfer schemes

Part 3 E+W+STransfers under section 12 schemes

Capital allowances: determination of disposal value of fixturesE+W+S

23(1)This paragraph applies to a relevant transfer if—E+W+S

(a)it is a disposal event for the purposes of Part 2 of the 2001 Act; and

(b)by virtue of the transfer a person is treated by section 188 of that Act as ceasing to own a fixture.

(2)For the purposes of the application of section 196 of that Act in relation to the transferor, the disposal value of the fixture is to be treated—

(a)if a capital sum is received by the transferor by way of consideration or compensation in respect of the transfer, as an amount equal to that portion of that sum which falls (or, if the person to whom the disposal is made were entitled to an allowance, would fall) to be treated for the purposes of Part 2 of that Act as expenditure incurred by that person on the provision of the fixture; or

(b)if no such sum is received, as nil.

(3)For the purposes of this paragraph a sum received by a person connected with the transferor is to be treated as received by the transferor.

(4)This paragraph is subject to section 63(5) of the 2001 Act.