Gender Recognition Act 2004

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23(1)If the Registrar General receives under section 10(1) a copy of a full gender recognition certificate issued to a person, the Registrar General must—N.I.

(a)make an entry in the Gender Recognition Register containing such particulars as may be prescribed in relation to the person’s birth and any other prescribed matter,

(b)secure that the UK birth register entry is marked in such manner as may be prescribed, and

(c)make traceable the connection between the entry in the Gender Recognition Register and the UK birth register entry.

(2)Sub-paragraph (1) does not apply if the gender recognition certificate was issued after an application under section 6(1) and that sub-paragraph has already been complied with in relation to the person.

(3)No certified copy of the UK birth register entry and no short certificate of birth compiled from that entry is to include anything marked by virtue of sub-paragraph (1)(b).

(4)Information kept by the Registrar General for the purposes of sub-paragraph (1)(c) is not to be open to public inspection or search.

(5)Prescribed” means prescribed by regulations made by the Department of Finance and Personnel.