Explanatory Notes

Housing Act 2004

2004 CHAPTER 34

Thursday 18 November 2004

Commentary on Sections

Part 4 - Additional Control Provisions in Relation to Residential Accommodation

Chapter 1: Interim and Final Management Orders
Section 101: Interim and final management orders: introductory

238.Section 101 introduces Chapter 1 and explains what interim management orders (IMOs) are, what their purpose is and requires that they run for no longer than 12 months. The section also explains what final management orders (FMOs) are, what their purpose is and provides that they can run for no longer than 5 years. These management orders are designed to allow an LHA to step into the shoes of a private landlord and manage his property where he cannot be licensed or where there is some management problem which requires intervention by the LHA. An IMO is an interim measure designed to provide time for a longer-term management solution to be found, normally the grant of a licence under Parts 2 or 3 or, if that is not possible, the making of an FMO.

239.The section also defines "house" and "third party" for the purpose of the Chapter.