Sustainable and Secure Buildings Act 2004

6Secretary of State to report on building stockE+W

(1)The Secretary of State must—

(a)for the period of two years beginning with the commencement of this section, and

(b)for each succeeding period of two years,

prepare a report on progress during the period in connection with the purposes mentioned in section 1(1)(b) to (e) of the Building Act 1984 in the context of the building stock in England and Wales.

(2)A report under this section must (in particular) deal with—

(a)building regulations made during the period for any of those purposes;

(b)proposals current at the end of the period to make building regulations for any of those purposes;

(c)effects or likely effects of regulations or proposals dealt with in the report under paragraphs (a) and (b);

(d)proposals considered by the Secretary of State during the period for the setting of targets for any of those purposes in relation to—

(i)buildings in England and Wales; or

(ii)services, fittings or equipment provided in or in connection with such buildings;

(e)overall changes during the period in—

(i)the efficiency with which energy is used in buildings in England and Wales;

(ii)levels of emissions from such buildings that are emissions considered by the Secretary of State to contribute to climate change;

(iii)the extent to which such buildings have their own facilities for generating energy;

(iv)the extent to which materials used in constructing, or carrying out works in relation to, such buildings are recycled or re-used materials.

(3)A report under this section must contain an estimate, as at the end of the period, of the number of dwellings in England and Wales.

(4)The Secretary of State must lay before Parliament each report he prepares under this section.