Part 4Pension schemes etc

Chapter 7Compliance

Registration regulations

256Enhanced lifetime allowance regulations

(1)This section applies to regulations made by the Board of Inland Revenue under—

(a)section 220(5) (lifetime allowance enhancement: registration of pension credits),

(b)section 221(6) (lifetime allowance enhancement: individuals who are not always relevant UK individuals),

(c)section 224(9) (lifetime allowance enhancement: transfers from recognised overseas pension scheme),

(d)paragraph 7(1)(b) of Schedule 36 (lifetime allowance enhancement: primary protection),

(e)paragraph 12(1) of that Schedule (lifetime allowance: enhanced protection), and

(f)paragraph 18(6) of that Schedule (lifetime allowance enhancement: pre-commencement pension credits).

(2)The regulations to which this section applies are referred to in this Part as “enhanced lifetime allowance regulations”.

(3)Enhanced lifetime allowance regulations may include any provision that appears appropriate for securing that the correct tax is charged—

(a)by way of the lifetime allowance charge in respect of amounts crystallised by benefit crystallisation events, and

(b)in respect of the payment of lump sums by registered pension schemes.

(4)Enhanced lifetime allowance regulations may, for that purpose, in particular contain provision—

(a)requiring any person to produce or make available documents, produce certificates or provide information, and

(b)for the review from time to time of any matter registered in accordance with the regulations.