Extradition Act 2003

93Secretary of State’s consideration of case

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)This section applies if the appropriate judge sends a case to the Secretary of State under this Part for his decision whether a person is to be extradited.

(2)The Secretary of State must decide whether he is prohibited from ordering the person’s extradition under any of these sections—

(a)section 94 (death penalty);

(b)section 95 (speciality);

(c)section 96 (earlier extradition to United Kingdom from other territory).

(3)If the Secretary of State decides any of the questions in subsection (2) in the affirmative he must order the person’s discharge.

(4)If the Secretary of State decides those questions in the negative he must order the person to be extradited to the territory to which his extradition is requested unless—

(a)he is informed that the request has been withdrawn,

(b)he makes an order under section 126(2) or 179(2) for further proceedings on the request to be deferred and the person is discharged under section 180, or

(c)he orders the person’s discharge under section 208.

(5)In deciding the questions in subsection (2), the Secretary of State is not required to consider any representations received by him after the end of the permitted period.

(6)The permitted period is the period of 6 weeks starting with the appropriate day.