Extradition Act 2003

128Consent to extradition before case sent to Secretary of State

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)This section applies if a person gives his consent under section 127 to the appropriate judge.

(2)If the judge has not fixed a date under section 75 or 76 on which the extradition hearing is to begin he is not required to do so.

(3)If the extradition hearing has begun the judge is no longer required to proceed or continue proceeding under sections 78 to 91.

(4)The judge must send the case to the Secretary of State for his decision whether the person is to be extradited.

(5)The person must be taken to have waived any right he would have (apart from the consent) not to be dealt with in the category 2 territory for an offence committed before his extradition.