Part 3Magistrates' courts

Criminal jurisdiction and procedure

44Trial of summary offences

For section 2 of the 1980 Act substitute—

2Trial of summary offences

(1)A magistrates' court has jurisdiction to try any summary offence.

(2)A magistrates' court has jurisdiction as examining justices over any offence committed by a person who appears or is brought before the court.

(3)Subject to—

(a)sections 18 to 22, and

(b)any other enactment (wherever contained) relating to the mode of trial of offences triable either way,

a magistrates' court has jurisdiction to try summarily any offence which is triable either way.

(4)A magistrates' court has jurisdiction, in the exercise of its powers under section 24, to try summarily an indictable offence.

(5)This section does not affect any jurisdiction over offences conferred on a magistrates' court by any enactment not contained in this Act.