Courts Act 2003

Provisions of orderE+W

3(1)A work order is an order requiring P to perform unpaid work for a specified number of hours, in accordance with instructions to be given by the fines officer, in order to discharge by virtue of this Schedule his liability for the relevant sum.E+W

(2)The order must also—

(a)state the amount of the relevant sum,

(b)specify a fines office to which the order is allocated, and

(c)specify a person (“the supervisor”) who is to act as supervisor in relation to P.

(3)The specified number of hours is to be determined by dividing the relevant sum by the prescribed hourly sum and, where the result is not a whole number, adjusting the result upwards to the next whole number.

(4)A work order must specify a date (“the specified date”) not later than which the required hours of unpaid work must be performed.

(5)In the following provisions of this Schedule “the fines officer”, in relation to P, means any fines officer working at the fines office specified in the work order.