SCHEDULE 5Collection of fines

Part 2Immediate payment of fines: discounts

Application of Part

4This Part applies if the court which is imposing the liability to pay the sum due concludes—

(a)that P should be required to pay the sum due immediately, and

(b)that he is not an existing defaulter or, if he is, that his existing default (or defaults) can be disregarded.

Court’s duty in relation to discount

5The court must make an order—

(a)stating its conclusions on the matters referred to in paragraph 4(b),

(b)stating the amount of the sum due, the amount of the fine and the amount of any other part of the sum due, and

(c)informing P of the effect of paragraph 6.

The discount

6(1)P is allowed a discount on the fine if the sum due, less the amount of the discount, is paid in accordance with the terms of the order.

(2)The amount of the discount is to be determined in accordance with fines collection regulations, but must not be greater than 50% of the fine.

(3)The discount is given effect by extinguishing P’s liability to pay the part of the sum due that is equal to the amount of the discount.