Part 8Miscellaneous and general

Chapter 1Miscellaneous

Valuation Tribunal Service

105The Valuation Tribunal Service

(1)There shall be a body corporate to be known as the Valuation Tribunal Service (referred to in this section, section 106 and Schedules 4 and 5 as “the Service”).

(2)The Service shall have the following functions in relation to valuation tribunals in England—

(a)providing, or arranging for the provision of, the services required for the operation of tribunals, in particular—


(ii)staff (including clerks to tribunals),

(iii)information technology,

(iv)equipment, and

(v)training for members and staff of (including clerks to) tribunals;

(b)giving general advice about procedure in relation to proceedings before tribunals.

(3)The Service shall provide the Secretary of State with such information, advice and assistance as he may require.

(4)The Service may do anything which it considers is calculated to facilitate, or is conducive or incidental to, the carrying-out of its functions.

(5)The Service shall carry out its functions with respect to valuation tribunals in the manner which it considers best calculated to secure their efficient and independent operation.

(6)The Service shall, in relation to its functions with respect to valuation tribunals, consult the tribunals concerned about the carrying-out of its functions.

(7)The Secretary of State may—

(a)after consultation with the Service, give directions to it for the purpose of securing the effective carrying-out of its functions, and

(b)issue guidance to the Service about the carrying-out of its functions.

(8)The Service shall, in carrying out its functions—

(a)comply with any directions under subsection (7)(a), and

(b)have regard to any guidance under subsection (7)(b).

(9)Schedule 4 (which makes further provision about the Service) has effect.

106Transfer to Service of property, rights and liabilities

(1)The Secretary of State may make one or more schemes for the transfer to the Service of—

(a)such of his property, rights and liabilities, or

(b)such of the property, rights and liabilities of a valuation tribunal in England,

as appear to him to be appropriate to be transferred for the performance of the Service’s functions.

(2)On the day appointed by a transfer scheme for the coming into force of the scheme, the property, rights and liabilities which are the subject of the scheme shall, by virtue of this subsection, be transferred in accordance with the provisions of the scheme.

(3)Schedule 5 (which makes further provision in relation to transfer schemes) has effect.