Part 3Television and Radio Services

Chapter 2Regulatory Structure for Independent Television Services

The public teletext service

223Financial terms of licence renewed under s. 222

(1)The determination under section 222(4)(b) must comprise—

(a)a determination of the amount which the holder of the renewed licence will be required by the conditions of that licence to pay to OFCOM in respect of the first complete calendar year falling within the renewal period;

(b)a determination of the percentage of qualifying revenue for each accounting period of the licence holder falling within the renewal period which he will be required by those conditions to pay to OFCOM.

(2)The amount determined under subsection (1)(a) must be equal to the amount which, in OFCOM’s opinion, would have been the cash bid of the licence holder were the licence (instead of being renewed) to be granted for the period of the renewal on an application made in accordance with Part 1 of Schedule 10.

(3)For the purposes of subsection (1)(b)—

(a)different percentages may be determined for different accounting periods; and

(b)the percentages that may be determined for an accounting period include a nil percentage.

(4)In this section “renewal period”, in relation to a licence, means the period for which the licence is in force by reason of its renewal.

(5)Part 3 of Schedule 10 applies for construing this section as it applies for construing that Schedule.