Communications Act 2003


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11(1)This paragraph applies where a licence granted under section 7 of the 1984 Act contains conditions which impose requirements with respect to—E+W+S+N.I.

(a)the keeping of accounts or financial information; or

(b)the provision of accounts and financial information to the Director.

(2)OFCOM may give a notice to the holder of the licence as respects so much of those conditions as relates to—

(a)the keeping of accounts for a period current at the time of the abolition of licensing; and

(b)the provision of accounts and financial information in relation to any such period or in relation to periods ending before the abolition of licensing.

(3)In the case of a licence granted otherwise than to a particular person, a notice under this paragraph may be given to the licence holders by being published in such manner as OFCOM consider appropriate for bringing it to their attention.

(4)Notwithstanding any repeal or revocation made by this Act—

(a)the licence under the 1984 Act is to continue in force to the extent that it imposes requirements as respects which a notice has been given under this paragraph; but

(b)those requirements, so far as they require the provision of accounts or information to the Director, are to have effect in relation to times after the abolition of licensing, as requirements to provide the accounts or information to OFCOM.

(5)Section 192 applies to a decision by OFCOM to give a notice under this paragraph as it applies to a decision by them under Part 2 of this Act.