Communications Act 2003


28General power to charge for services

(1)OFCOM may provide a service to which this section applies to any person on such terms as to the making of payments to OFCOM—

(a)as they may determine in advance; or

(b)as may be agreed between that person and OFCOM.

(2)This section applies to a service which is provided by OFCOM to a person in the course of carrying out their functions and is neither—

(a)a service which OFCOM are under a duty to provide to that person; nor

(b)one in respect of which express provision is made by or under an enactment for authorising or forbidding the payment of fees or charges.

(3)In this section references to providing a service to a person include references to a service consisting in—

(a)the giving of advice to that person;

(b)the entry of his particulars in a register or other record kept by OFCOM otherwise than in pursuance of an express statutory duty to keep the register or record; or

(c)the taking of steps for the purposes of determining whether to grant an application for an entry in a register or record so kept.