Communications Act 2003 Explanatory Notes

Section 353: Changes of control of Channel 5

748.OFCOM are to include in the licence for Channel 5 conditions to ensure that any body corporate holding such a licence notifies OFCOM in advance of any proposals that may result in a change of control of the licensee, or of a person connected with the licensee who is, actually or potentially, involved to a substantial extent in providing programmes for inclusion in the licensed service.

749.Where such a change of control may result, or has resulted, over a body corporate holding the Channel 5 licence, OFCOM shall review and publish a report on the effects or likely effects, and their proposed response. OFCOM must review the effect of the change of control on the time allocated in the service to original productions and news and current affairs programmes; and the extent to which Channel 5 programmes in the service are made in the UK outside the M25 area, the range of such programmes, the extent to which expenditure by the Channel 5 provider on Channel 5 programmes is referable to programme production at different production centres outside the M25, and the range of such production centres to which the expenditure is referable.

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