Communications Act 2003 Explanatory Notes

Section 313: Consultation about change of character of local service

661.This section adds a new section 106A to the Broadcasting Act 1990. It requires OFCOM, before agreeing to a substantial departure from the character of a local or national analogue service, to publish a notice specifying the proposed departure and the period within which representations may be made to OFCOM (normally not less than 28 days). The notice must be published in a manner in which appears to OFCOM appropriate for bringing it to the intention of those likely to be affected by such a departure. OFCOM do not have to consult if they are satisfied that the departure would not substantially alter the character of the service.

662.OFCOM also do not have to consult, or can shorten the consultation period, if they consider that to do so would result in a delay which would be likely prejudicially to affect the licence holder (for example, where they might go out of business). OFCOM are not required to publish confidential material.

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