Communications Act 2003 Explanatory Notes

Section 273: Must-offer obligations in relation to satellite services

590.This section requires OFCOM to include in the licences for every licensed public service channel, the public teletext service and every other licensed television service specified by the Secretary of State conditions which they consider appropriate for securing the following three objectives:

  • that digital channels or services to which this section applies are offered as available for broadcast by means of every satellite television service available for reception in the whole or a part of the United Kingdom;

  • that each provider of those channels or services enters into arrangements which ensure that its digital channels or services and any related ancillary services are broadcast by means of satellite television services, such that they are available for reception by as many members of the intended audience (as defined in subsection (7)) for a given service as possible; and

  • that such arrangements prohibit a charge being imposed for the reception of the channel or service.

  • *A “satellite television service” is defined in subsection (7) as a service which consists of broadcasting television programme services from a satellite and is used by a significant number of persons as their principal means of receiving television programmes.

591.These objectives apply to a service or channel only whilst its digital form is included in the list of “must-provide” services for the purpose of section 274 (see below).

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