Communications Act 2003 Explanatory Notes

Section 244: Local digital television services

544.The Secretary of State may, by order, apply (with modifications) the provisions of Part 3 of the Act (except for this section and any provisions relating exclusively to sound services), or any part of Part 1 of the Broadcasting Act 1990, or of Part 1 of the Broadcasting Act 1996, to make special provision for local digital television services of the type further described in subsections (3) to (5). Such services should be provided with a view to including them in a television multiplex service. Such an order can be made only where the Secretary of State is satisfied that this will enhance the provision of such services. In turn, this should benefit the locality where the services are to be received, not least by broadening the range of programmes that can be received in that locality. The order may restrict advertising and programme sponsorship in the service.

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