Explanatory Notes

Communications Act 2003

2003 CHAPTER 21

17 July 2003

Commentary on Sections

Part 3: Television and Radio Services

Chapter 2: Regulatory Structure for Independent Television Services
Section 229: Report in anticipation of new licensing round

514.This section gives a duty to OFCOM, no later than 30 months before the end of each licensing period, to report to the Secretary of State on the effects of the conditions which would be included in the renewed licences on the capacity of the holders of Channel 3, 5 and public teletext service licences to contribute to the fulfilment of the public service remit at a cost that is commercially sustainable for them.

515.Under subsection (4), OFCOM will also include any recommendations that they consider appropriate to make as to the use by the Secretary of State of her powers under section 230 or under Chapter 4 of Part 3 of this Act.

516.When the Secretary of State has made an order extending the licences under section 224, after the report was submitted, she has, under subsection (5), the power to require a supplementary report.