Licensing Act 2003

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8(1)This paragraph applies where the relevant licensing authority grants a new licence under this Part in respect of one or more existing licences.E+W

(2)If sub-paragraph (4) applies to the existing licence (or each of the existing licences) which the new licence succeeds, the new licence lapses.


(a)where the new licence relates to more than one relevant existing licence, sub-paragraph (4) applies to one or more, but not all, of those licences, or

(b)sub-paragraph (4) applies to a children’s certificate in respect of the premises,

the licensing authority must amend the new licence so as to remove from it any provision which would not have been included in it but for the existence of any existing licence or certificate to which sub-paragraph (4) applies.

(4)This sub-paragraph applies to an existing licence or children’s certificate if—

(a)it is revoked before the second appointed day, or

(b)where an appeal against a decision to revoke it is pending immediately before that day, the appeal is dismissed or abandoned.

(5)Any amendment under sub-paragraph (3) takes effect when it is notified to the holder of the new licence by the relevant licensing authority.

(6)The relevant licensing authority must give a copy of any notice under sub-paragraph (5) to the chief officer of police for the police area (or each police area) in which the premises to which the new licence relates are situated.