Licensing Act 2003

Part 3 E+WInterpretation


13This Part has effect for the purposes of this Schedule.E+W


14(1)A “performance of a play” means a performance of any dramatic piece, whether involving improvisation or not,—E+W

(a)which is given wholly or in part by one or more persons actually present and performing, and

(b)in which the whole or a major proportion of what is done by the person or persons performing, whether by way of speech, singing or action, involves the playing of a role.

(2)In this paragraph, “performance” includes rehearsal (and “performing” is to be construed accordingly).

Film exhibitionsE+W

15An “exhibition of a film” means any exhibition of moving pictures.E+W

Indoor sporting eventsE+W

16(1)An “indoor sporting event” is a sporting event—E+W

(a)which takes place wholly inside a building, and

(b)at which the spectators present at the event are accommodated wholly inside that building.

(2)In this paragraph—

  • building” means any roofed structure (other than a structure with a roof which may be opened or closed) and includes a vehicle, vessel or moveable structure,

  • sporting event” means any contest, exhibition or display of any sport, and

  • sport” includes—


    any game in which physical skill is the predominant factor, and


    any form of physical recreation which is also engaged in for purposes of competition or display.

Boxing or wrestling entertainmentsE+W

17A “boxing or wrestling entertainment” is any contest, exhibition or display of boxing or wrestling.E+W


18Music” includes vocal or instrumental music or any combination of the two.E+W