Licensing Act 2003

General provisionE+W

91Form etc. of applications and notices under Part 4E+W

In relation to any application or notice under this Part, regulations may prescribe—

(a)its form;

(b)the manner in which it is to be made or given;

(c)information and documents that must accompany it.


(1)Regulations may—

(a)require applications under any provision of this Part (other than section 87) to be accompanied by a fee, and

(b)prescribe the amount of the fee.

(2)Regulations may also require the payment of an annual fee to the relevant licensing authority by or on behalf of a club which holds a club premises certificate.

(3)Regulations under subsection (2) may include provision—

(a)imposing liability for the making of the payment on the secretary or such other officers or members of the club as may be prescribed,

(b)prescribing the amount of any such fee, and

(c)prescribing the time at which any such fee is due.

(4)Any fee which is owed to a licensing authority under subsection (2) may be recovered as a debt due to the authority from any person liable to make the payment by virtue of subsection (3)(a).