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Part 4 E+WGeneral

18 National contingency planE+W

Before section 15 of the 1981 Act (requirements on certain persons relating to animals affected with disease) there is inserted the following section—

14A National contingency plan

(1)The appropriate authority must prepare a document (the national contingency plan) indicating the arrangements the authority intends to put in place for the purpose of dealing with any occurrence of—

(a)foot-and-mouth disease;

(b)such other disease as the authority by order specifies.

(2)After preparing a draft of the national contingency plan the appropriate authority—

(a)must send a copy of the draft to such persons and organisations as the authority thinks are representative of those having an interest in the arrangements;

(b)must consider any representations made to the authority about the draft by such persons and organisations;

(c)may amend the draft accordingly.

(3)After the appropriate authority has proceeded under subsection (2) the authority must—

(a)lay the plan before Parliament (unless subsection (9) applies);

(b)publish it in such manner as the authority thinks likely to bring it to the attention of persons who may be affected by the arrangements.

(4)The appropriate authority must from time to time (but not less frequently than at intervals of one year) review the plan and if the authority thinks it appropriate revise the plan.

(5)Subsections (2) and (3) apply to a revision of the plan as they apply to its preparation.

(6)The power to make an order must be exercised by statutory instrument.

(7)The instrument is subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament (unless subsection (9) applies).

(8)The appropriate authority is—

(a)the Secretary of State in relation to England;

(b)the Secretary of State and the National Assembly for Wales acting jointly in relation to Wales (except for the purposes of subsection (1)(b));

(c)the National Assembly for Wales in relation to Wales for the purposes of subsection (1)(b).

(9)This subsection applies to a plan prepared in relation to Wales.

(10)It is immaterial that anything done for the purposes of subsections (1) to (3) (except the making of an order under subsection (1)(b)) is done before the passing of the Animal Health Act 2002.