Explanatory Notes

Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002

2002 CHAPTER 41

7 November 2002

Commentary on Sections

Part 4: Detention and Removal

Temporary release

Section 70: Induction

196.Section 70 provides that an asylum-seeker and any dependants may be required to reside at a location for a period of up to 14 days which is at or near a place where a programme of induction will take place. The intention is that all asylum-seekers will be given an induction at the outset of their claim. The purpose of this induction is to inform the asylum-seeker about how the asylum process will work, up to and beyond the initial decision on their claim; to explain what responsibilities they have to comply with requirements placed upon them as part of that process; and to consider any requests for support. The residence restriction can be imposed regardless of circumstances, for example, whether or not the asylum-seeker has alternative accommodation available to them.