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Part 8 U.K.Enforcement of certain consumer legislation

Enforcement procedureU.K.

216 Applications: directions by OFTU.K.

(1)This section applies if the OFT believes that an enforcer other than the OFT intends to apply for an enforcement order.

(2)In such a case the OFT may direct that if an application in respect of a particular infringement is to be made it must be made—

(a)only by the OFT, or

(b)only by such other enforcer as the OFT directs.

(3)If the OFT directs that only it may make an application that does not prevent—

(a)the OFT or any enforcer from accepting an undertaking under section 219, or

(b)the OFT from taking such other steps it thinks appropriate (apart from making an application) for the purpose of securing that the infringement is not committed, continued or repeated.

(4)The OFT may vary or withdraw a direction given under this section.

(5)The OFT must take such steps as it thinks appropriate to bring a direction (or a variation or withdrawal of a direction) to the attention of enforcers it thinks may be affected by it.

(6)But this section does not prevent an application for an enforcement order being made by a Community enforcer.