Enterprise Act 2002 Explanatory Notes

Sections 275, 276, 277, 278, 279, 280 and 281: Financial provision, Transitional or transitory provision and savings, Power to make consequential amendments etc., Minor and consequential amendments and repeals, Commencement, Extent & Short title

799.These sections deal with the financial provision (section 275), commencement (section 279), territorial extent (section 280) and short title of the Act (section 281). Section 277 gives the Secretary of State power to make by order supplementary, incidental or consequential provision for the purposes of, or in consequence of, or for giving full effect to, the Act. Section 276 gives the Secretary of State power to introduce by order transitional or transitory provisions and savings as appropriate in connection with the coming into force of any provision in the Act. Schedule 24 sets out those transitional provisions that have already been identified, including the arrangements that will govern the handling of cases during the transition from the old FTA 1973 merger and monopoly regimes to their successor regimes. Section 278 gives effect to Schedules 25 and 26, which contain minor and consequential amendments, repeals and revocations.

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