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Part 3 E+WMaintained schools

Chapter 1 E+WGovernment of maintained schools

21 General responsibility for conduct of schoolE+W

(1)Subject to any other statutory provision, the conduct of a maintained school shall be under the direction of the school’s governing body.

(2)The governing body shall conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement at the school.

(3)Regulations may—

(a)set out terms of reference for governing bodies of maintained schools,

(b)define the respective roles and responsibilities in relation to the conduct of a maintained school (whether generally or with respect to particular matters) of—

(i)the local education authority,

(ii)the governing body, and

(iii)the head teacher, and

(c)confer functions on governing bodies and head teachers of such schools.

(4)The governing body of a maintained school shall, in discharging their functions, comply with—

(a)the instrument of government, and

(b)(subject to any other statutory provision) any trust deed relating to the school.


Commencement Information

I1S. 21(3) in force at 1.3.2003 except in relation to W. by S.I. 2003/124, art. 2