SCHEDULE 6Governing bodies consisting of interim executive members - Schedule to be inserted in School Standards and Framework Act 1998 as Schedule 1A

Notice of resumption of government by normally constituted governing body


(a)the notice under section 16A(1) or 18A(1) did not specify the duration of the interim period, and

(b)paragraph 16 does not apply,

the appropriate authority may give notice to the persons mentioned in sub-paragraph (2) specifying a date on which the governing body are to become a normally constituted governing body.

(2)The persons referred to in sub-paragraph (1) are—

(a)every interim executive member,

(b)where the local education authority are the appropriate authority, the Secretary of State,

(c)where the Secretary of State is the appropriate authority, the local education authority,

(d)in the case of a foundation or voluntary school which is a Church of England school, a Church in Wales school or a Roman Catholic Church school, the appropriate diocesan authority, and

(e)in the case of any other foundation or voluntary school, the person or persons by whom the foundation governors are appointed.