Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2002

79 Duty of Court Service to ensure court securityN.I.

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(1)The Court Service must take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of every relevant court-house (including every courtroom contained in it) and the safety of everyone who is there.

(2)To comply with that duty the Court Service must secure that there are provided at every relevant court-house an appropriate number of court security officers.

(3)For the purposes of this section and sections 80 and 81 the following are court security officers—

(a)members of staff of the Court Service designated as court security officers, and

(b)persons employed as court security officers in pursuance of arrangements made with their employers by the Court Service under section 69 of the Judicature (Northern Ireland) Act 1978 (c. 23).

(4)A court-house is a relevant court-house for the purposes of this section and section 80 if—

(a)the Court of Appeal,

(b)the High Court,

(c)the Crown Court,

(d)a county court,

(e)a coroner’s court, or

(f)a magistrates’ court,

sits there.