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Part 5 E+W+S+N.I.Miscellaneous

Victims of crimeN.I.

[F169BViews on leave of absenceN.I.

(1)If a person who is the victim of an offence in respect of which a relevant determination has been made makes to the Secretary of State representations falling within subsection (2) the Secretary of State has the obligations specified in subsection (3).

(2)Representations fall within this subsection if they are to the effect that the grant of leave of absence to the person in respect of whom the determination has been made would threaten the safety, or otherwise adversely affect the well-being, of—

(a)the actual victim of the offence in respect of which the determination was made, or

(b)a person who is regarded for the purposes of a scheme under section 69A as a victim of that offence by virtue of section 68(5) (as applied by section 69A(12)).

(3)The Secretary of State must—

(a)have regard to the representations in deciding whether he should give his consent to leave of absence being granted, and

(b)inform the victim of any such decision.

(4)Section 69A(3) (relevant determination) applies for the purposes of this section.]


Amendments (Textual)