Office of Communications Act 2002

Other employees of OFCOME+W+S+N.I.

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7(1)The employees of OFCOM who are not executive members shall be appointed to and hold their employments on such terms and conditions, including terms and conditions as to remuneration, as OFCOM may determine.

(2)If OFCOM so determine in the case of any of the employees of OFCOM who are not executive members, OFCOM shall—

(a)pay to or in respect of those employees such pensions, allowances or gratuities, or

(b)provide and maintain for them such pension schemes (whether contributory or not),

as OFCOM may determine.

(3)If any employee of OFCOM—

(a)is a participant in any pension scheme applicable to his employment, and

(b)becomes an executive member or a non-executive member of OFCOM,

he may, if the Secretary of State so determines, be treated for the purposes of the pension scheme as if his service as a member of OFCOM were service as an employee of OFCOM.