Finance Act 2001


1(1)In this Schedule “civil penalty” means any penalty liability to which—

(a)is imposed by or under this Part of this Act; and

(b)arises otherwise than in consequence of a person’s conviction for a criminal offence.

(2)In this Schedule—

(a)references to a person’s being liable to a civil penalty include references to his being a person from whom the whole or any part of a civil penalty is recoverable by virtue of paragraph 8 of Schedule 6 to this Act; and

(b)references, in relation to a person from whom the whole or any part of a civil penalty is so recoverable, to the penalty to which he is liable are references to so much of the penalty as is recoverable from him.

(3)Any notification of an assessment under any provision of this Schedule to a person’s representative shall be treated for the purposes of this Part of this Act as notification to the person in relation to whom the representative acts.

(4)In this paragraph “representative”, in relation to any person, means—

(a)any of that person’s personal representatives;

(b)that person’s trustee in bankruptcy or liquidator;

(c)any person holding office as a receiver in relation to that person or any of his property;

(d)that person’s tax representative or any other person for the time being acting in a representative capacity in relation to that person.

(5)In this paragraph “trustee in bankruptcy” includes, as respects Scotland—

(a)an interim or permanent trustee (within the meaning of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 (c. 66)); and

(b)a trustee acting under a trust deed (within the meaning of that Act).