ABSTRACT OF SCHEDULES 1 AND 2 to which this Act refers

SCHEDULE 2.—Part 39WALES OFFICE, 2001—02

Schedule of the resources authorised for use, and the sums authorised for issue out of the Consolidated Fund, to meet the costs of the services specified in the first column of the Schedule, which will be incurred during the year ending on 31st March 2002.

Totals not exceeding
Net Resources authorised for UseAmounts to be Appropriated in Aid
Request for Resources
1. To support the Secretary of State in discharging his role of representing Wales in the UK Government, representing the UK Government in Wales, and ensuring the smooth working of the devolution settlement in Wales7,907,632,0009,000
Administration; Lord Lieutenants' expenditure; the North Wales Child Abuse Inquiry; payments to support expenditure by the National Assembly for Wales and associated non-cash items.
Total Requests for Resources, Wales Office£7,907,632,000£9,000
Total non-operating appropriations in aid, Wales Office£ —
Total sums authorised for issue from the Consolidated Fund, Wales Office£7,908,242,000