Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 Explanatory Notes

Section 22: Termination of certain closure orders

77.Subsection (1) provides that where a closure order has been made, a constable or the local authority may issue a certificate to the effect that the need for the order has ceased. Subsections (2)-(3) provide that the closure order shall cease to have any effect, and that any sum paid into the court will be released, when the police or local authority issue a certificate under subsection (1). Subsection (4) provides that the court has the discretion to include in the closure order any appropriate terms to deal with cases where the order comes to an end after the issue of a certificate. Subsections (5) and (6) provide that the police or the local authority should serve a copy of the certificate as soon as possible on the person against whom the order was made, on the chief executive of the relevant court and also on any other person who requests it. They should also affix a copy of the certificate in a conspicuous position on the relevant premises.

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