Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001

31 Occupation of premises by educational institutionsE+W+S
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(1)In the 1995 Act, insert the following section—

28W Occupation of premises by educational institutions

(1)This section applies if—

(a)premises are occupied by an educational institution under a lease;

(b)but for this section, the responsible body would not be entitled to make a particular alteration to the premises; and

(c)the alteration is one which the responsible body proposes to make in order to comply with section 28T.

(2)Except to the extent to which it expressly so provides, the lease has effect, as a result of this subsection, as if it provided—

(a)for the responsible body to be entitled to make the alteration with the written consent of the lessor;

(b)for the responsible body to have to make a written application to the lessor for consent if it wishes to make the alteration;

(c)if such an application is made, for the lessor not to withhold his consent unreasonably; and

(d)for the lessor to be entitled to make his consent subject to reasonable conditions.

(3)In this section—

  • lease” includes a tenancy, sub-lease or sub-tenancy and an agreement for a lease, tenancy, sub-lease or sub-tenancy; and

  • sub-lease” and “sub-tenancy” have such meaning as may be prescribed.

(4)If the terms and conditions of a lease—

(a)impose conditions which are to apply if the responsible body alters the premises, or

(b)entitle the lessor to impose conditions when consenting to the responsible body’s altering the premises,

the responsible body is to be treated for the purposes of subsection (1) as not being entitled to make the alteration.

(5)Part 3 of Schedule 4 supplements the provisions of this section.

(2)In Schedule 4 to the 1995 Act (premises occupied under leases), at the end insert the provisions set out in Schedule 6.