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Part XXVIIIU.K. MiscellaneousF1

Textual Amendments

F1Ss. 412A, 412B and preceding cross-heading inserted (1.4.2007 for certain purposes and 1.11.2007 otherwise) by The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007 (S.I. 2007/126), regs. 1(2), 3(5), Sch. 5 para. 18

[F1Trade-matching and reporting systemsU.K.

412AApproval and monitoring of trade-matching and reporting systemsU.K.

(1)A relevant system is an approved relevant system if it is approved by the Authority under subsection (2) for the purposes of Article 25.5 of the markets in financial instruments directive; and references in this section and section 412B to an “approved relevant system” are to be read accordingly.

(2)The Authority must approve a relevant system if, on an application by the operator of the system, it is satisfied that the arrangements established by the system for reporting transactions comply with Article 12(1) of Commission Regulation 1287/2006 of 10 August 2006 F2 (“the Regulation”).

(3)Section 51(3) and (4) applies to an application under this section as it applies to an application under Part 4.

(4)If, at any time after approving a relevant system under subsection (2), the Authority is not satisfied as mentioned in that subsection, it may suspend or withdraw the approval.

(5)The Authority must keep under review the arrangements established by an approved relevant system for reporting transactions for the purpose of ensuring that the arrangements comply with Article 12(1) of the Regulation; and for the purposes of this subsection the Authority must have regard to information provided to it under subsections (6) and (7).

(6)The operator of an approved relevant system must make reports to the Authority at specified intervals containing specified information relating to—

(a)the system,

(b)the reports made by the system in accordance with Article 25 of the markets in financial instruments directive and the Regulation, and

(c)the transactions to which those reports relate.

Specified” means specified by the Authority.

(7)The Authority may by written notice require the operator of an approved relevant system to provide such additional information as may be specified in the notice, by such reasonable time as may be so specified, about any of the matters mentioned in subsection (6).

(8)The recipient of a notice under subsection (7) must provide the information by the time specified in the notice.

(9)In this section and section 412B, “relevant system” means a trade-matching or reporting system of a kind described in Article 12 of the Regulation.]

Textual Amendments

F2OJ No L 241, 2.9.2006, p. 1.