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[F1PART 1AU.K.The Regulators

Textual Amendments

F1Pt. 1A substituted for Pt. 1 (24.1.2013 for specified purposes, 19.2.2013 for specified purposes, 1.4.2013 in so far as not already in force) by Financial Services Act 2012 (c. 21), ss. 6(1), 122(3) (with Sch. 20); S.I. 2013/113, art. 2(1)(b)(c)(2), Sch. Pts. 2, 3, 4; S.I. 2013/423, art. 3, Sch.

CHAPTER 2U.K.The Prudential Regulation Authority

The PRA's general dutiesU.K.

[F22HSecondary competition objective and duty to have regard to regulatory principlesU.K.

(1)When discharging its general functions in a way that advances its objectives (see section 2F), the PRA must so far as is reasonably possible act in a way which, as a secondary objective, facilitates effective competition in the markets for services provided by PRA-authorised persons in carrying on regulated activities.

(2)In discharging its general functions, the PRA must also have regard to the regulatory principles in section 3B.]]

Textual Amendments

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1S. 2H(1) applied (29.6.2017 for specified purposes, 3.7.2017 for specified purposes, 31.7.2017 for specified purposes) by The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2017 (S.I. 2017/701), reg. 1(2)(3)(4)(6), Sch. 1 para. 4(3) (with reg. 7)