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Part XVIIU.K. Collective Investment Schemes


Co-ownership schemes: rights and liabilities of participantsU.K.

261P.Segregated liability in relation to umbrella co-ownership schemesU.K.

(1)The property subject to a sub-scheme of an umbrella co-ownership scheme must not be used to discharge any liabilities of, or meet any claims against, any person other than the participants in that sub-scheme.

(2)Any provision contained in any contract, agreement or other document is void in so far as it is inconsistent with subsection (1), and any transaction involving the application of property in contravention of that subsection is void.

(3)The FCA may give a direction under section 261X(2) in relation to a sub-scheme of an umbrella co-ownership scheme as if the sub-scheme were an authorised contractual scheme, but this subsection does not enable the FCA to apply to the court for an order under section 261Y in relation to a sub-scheme of an umbrella co-ownership scheme.

(4)Where such a direction is given, the reference in section 261Z1(6) to the scheme is to be read as a reference to the sub-scheme concerned.]