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[F1PART 9AU.K.Rules and Guidance

Textual Amendments

F1Pt. 9A substituted for ss. 138-164 (24.1.2013 for specified purposes, 1.4.2013 in so far as not already in force) by Financial Services Act 2012 (c. 21), ss. 24(1), 122(3) (with Sch. 20); S.I. 2013/113, art. 2(1)(c), Sch. Pt. 3; S.I. 2013/423, art. 3, Sch.

CHAPTER 2U.K.Rules: modification, waiver, contravention and procedural provisions

Procedural provisionsU.K.

138HVerification of rulesU.K.

(1)The production of a printed copy of a rule-making instrument purporting to be made by a regulator—

(a)on which is endorsed a certificate signed by a member of staff of that regulator who is authorised by the regulator for that purpose, and

(b)which contains the required statements,

is evidence (or in Scotland sufficient evidence) of the facts stated in the certificate.

(2)The required statements are—

(a)that the instrument was made by the FCA or the PRA (as the case may be),

(b)that the copy is a true copy of the instrument, and

(c)that on a specified date the instrument was made available to the public in accordance with section 138G(4).

(3)A certificate purporting to be signed as mentioned in subsection (1) is to be taken to have been properly signed unless the contrary is shown.

(4)A person who wishes in any legal proceedings to rely on a rule-making instrument may require the regulator that made the rule to endorse a copy of the instrument with a certificate of the kind mentioned in subsection (1).]