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[F1SCHEDULE 1ZAU.K.The Financial Conduct Authority

Textual Amendments

F1Schs. 1ZA, 1ZB substituted for Sch. 1 (24.1.2013 for specified purposes, 19.2.2013 for specified purposes, 1.4.2013 in so far as not already in force) by Financial Services Act 2012 (c. 21), s. 122(3), Sch. 3 (with Sch. 20); S.I. 2013/113, art. 2(1)(b)(c)(2), Sch. Pts. 2, 3, 4; S.I. 2013/423, art. 3, Sch.

PART 1U.K.General

Accounts and auditU.K.

14(1)The Treasury may—U.K.

(a)require the FCA to comply with any provisions of the Companies Act 2006 about accounts and their audit which would not otherwise apply to it, or

(b)direct that any provision of that Act about accounts and their audit is to apply to the FCA with such modifications as are specified in the direction, whether or not the provision would otherwise apply to the FCA.

(2)Compliance with any requirement under sub-paragraph (1)(a) or (b) is enforceable by injunction or, in Scotland, an order for specific performance under section 45 of the Court of Session Act 1988.

(3)Proceedings under sub-paragraph (2) may be brought only by the Treasury.

15(1)The FCA must send a copy of its annual accounts to the Comptroller and Auditor General as soon as is reasonably practicable.U.K.

(2)The Comptroller and Auditor General must—

(a)examine, certify and report on accounts received under this paragraph, and

(b)send a copy of the certified accounts and the report to the Treasury.

(3)The Treasury must lay the copy of the certified accounts and the report before Parliament.

(4)Except as provided by paragraph 14(1), the FCA is exempt from the requirements of Part 16 of the Companies Act 2006 (audit), and its balance sheet must contain a statement to that effect.

(5)In this paragraph “annual accounts” has the meaning given in section 471 of the Companies Act 2006.]