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Textual Amendments


1Units (within the meaning in section 237(2)) in an open-ended collective investment scheme.

2Non-equity transferable securities issued by

(a)the government of an EEA State;

(b)a local or regional authority of an EEA State;

(c)a public international body of which an EEA State is a member;

(d)the European Central Bank;

(e)the central bank of an EEA State.

3Shares in the share capital of the central bank of an EEA State.

4Transferable securities unconditionally and irrevocably guaranteed by the government, or a local or regional authority, of an EEA State.

5(1)Non-equity transferable securities, issued in a continuous or repeated manner by a credit institution, which satisfy the conditions in sub-paragraph (2).U.K.

(2)The conditions are that the transferable securities—

(a)are not subordinated, convertible or exchangeable;

(b)do not give a right to subscribe to or acquire other types of securities and are not linked to a derivative instrument;

(c)materialise reception of repayable deposits; and

(d)are covered by a deposit guarantee under directive 94/19/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on deposit-guarantee schemes.

6Non-fungible shares of capital—

(a)the main purpose of which is to provide the holder with a right to occupy any immoveable property, and

(b)which cannot be sold without that right being given up.]