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Part XXVIIIU.K. Miscellaneous

Removal of certain unnecessary provisionsU.K.

416 Provisions relating to industrial assurance and certain other enactments.U.K.

(1)The following enactments are to cease to have effect—

(a)the M1Industrial Assurance Act 1923;

(b)the M2Industrial Assurance and Friendly Societies Act 1948;

(c)the M3Insurance Brokers (Registration) Act 1977.

(2)The M4Industrial Assurance (Northern Ireland) Order 1979 is revoked.

(3)The following bodies are to cease to exist—

(a)the Insurance Brokers Registration Council;

(b)the Policyholders Protection Board;

(c)the Deposit Protection Board;

(d)the Board of Banking Supervision.

(4)If the Treasury consider that, as a consequence of any provision of this section, it is appropriate to do so, they may by order make any provision of a kind that they could make under this Act (and in particular any provision of a kind mentioned in section 339) with respect to anything done by or under any provision of Part XXI.

(5)Subsection (4) is not to be read as affecting in any way any other power conferred on the Treasury by this Act.

Commencement Information

I1S. 416 wholly in force at 1.12.2001; s. 416 not in force at Royal Assent see s. 431(2); s. 416(4)(5) in force at 25.2.2001 by S.I. 2001/516, art. 2(a), Sch. Pt. 1; s. 416(1)(c)(3)(a) in force at 30.4.2001 by S.I. 2001/1282, art. 2(a); s. 416 in force at 1.12.2001 so far as not already in force (except sub-section (3)(b)(c) which are in force at 2.3.2002) by S.I. 2001/3538, art. 2(1)(4)

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