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Part VIIIU.K. Penalties for Market Abuse

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1Pt. VIII applied (with modifications) (18.6.2012) by The Recognised Auction Platforms Regulations 2011 (S.I. 2011/2699), regs. 1(2)(b), 6, Sch. 1

Power to impose penaltiesU.K.

123 Power to impose penalties in cases of market abuse.U.K.

(1)If the [F1FCA] is satisfied that a person (“A”)—

(a)is or has engaged in market abuse, or

(b)by taking or refraining from taking any action has required or encouraged another person or persons to engage in behaviour which, if engaged in by A, would amount to market abuse,

it may impose on him a penalty of such amount as it considers appropriate.

(2)But the [F1FCA] may not impose a penalty on a person if, having considered any representations made to it in response to a warning notice, there are reasonable grounds for it to be satisfied that—

(a)he believed, on reasonable grounds, that his behaviour did not fall within paragraph (a) or (b) of subsection (1), or

(b)he took all reasonable precautions and exercised all due diligence to avoid behaving in a way which fell within paragraph (a) or (b) of that subsection.

(3)If the [F1FCA] is entitled to impose a penalty on a person under this section it may, instead of imposing a penalty on him, publish a statement to the effect that he has engaged in market abuse.

Textual Amendments

F1Word in ss. 121-130A substituted (1.4.2013) by Financial Services Act 2012 (c. 21), s. 122(3), Sch. 9 para. 9(1)(2) (with Sch. 20); S.I. 2013/423, art. 3, Sch.